is proud of its efforts to achieve and sustain diversity in our community. Across many dimensions of diversity—geographic, racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, academic, extra-curricular—has assembled an exceptionally vibrant student body and is one of the most diverse of all liberal arts colleges in the country.

Dimensions of Diversity

  • Geographic Diversity: Our students come from 49 states, plus Washington D.C, Puerto Rico and 70 countries around the world. Approximately 12% of our students are international students with non-U.S. citizenship.  
  • Racial & Ethnic Diversity: 51% of our students self-identify as domestic students of color: Hispanic/Latinx, 15%; Asian American, 16%; African American, 11%; two or more races, 8% (based on federal reporting guidelines).
  • Socioeconomic Diversity: Amherst's need-blind admission policy and generous need-based financial aid supports expanded access for students from families with modest financial resources. In addition to need-blind admission, meets 100% of calculated financial need for all admitted students and the average financial aid offer in 2023-24 was about $68,000. Additionally, 21% of students in the Class of 2026 are eligible for federal Pell Grants designated for students from low-income families.
  • Academic & Extracurricular Diversity: All our students are bright and engaged young scholars, committed to their academic and intellectual development in disciplines from physics to philosophy, mathematics to music, but they also bring talents and passions in many areas—our students are accomplished artists, musicians, scientists, athletes, community organizers and political activists.

Of course, the value of diversity at Amherst is best revealed not simply in the numbers, but in the students behind the numbers and what they bring to our community—the qualitative, not just quantitative aspects of diversity. No matter where you’re from, no matter what your background, at you’ll meet some people who are like you and some who are not like you. This exposure to students from many different backgrounds, with unique experiences and perspectives, enriches education and personal development in our classrooms, our residence halls and our students organizations.

You can learn more about Diversity at Amherst in the “” section of the college website.

To support our goal of bringing together a diverse and inclusive community of students, the Office of Admission sponsors several special programs.

Access to (A2A)

As part of 's commitment to a diversity of perspectives and life experiences, the Office of Admission hosts Access to (A2A) in the fall in an effort to introduce prospective applicants to Amherst's campus, student body, faculty, and classes.

Early Opportunity on Native Studies (EONS) 

In hopes of creating a dynamic and robust Native American community at , the Office of Admission invites eligible high school students to participate in our Early Opportunity on Native Studies (EONS), a program designed to introduce prospective applicants to the local Native community.

Diversity Outreach Interns

Diversity Outreach Interns are current students who work with the Office of Admission to reach out to prospective students, including those from different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Diversity Outreach Interns can provide information and personal perspectives on what the community has to offer. Meet these students, learn more about their work and contact them with questions through our Diversity Outreach Interns page. 


For more information about Amherst's Diversity Programs and our partnerships with Community-Based Organizations, please contact Chris Munoz-Calene, Associate Dean of Admission and Coordinator of Diversity Outreach.